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Almaguin WINS the 2017-18 Russell Cup








                                 Almaguin  Spartans

                             Interview with President - Dave Forde




Completing their 4th GMHL season with an overall 89 - 33 - 4 record, Dave Forde (president) Miles Repan (Head Coach) Gary Colter (Assistant Coach) and the team, look to deliver the community of South River a championship final with memories of competition.

The moral is high in the community and within the team's dressing room. The hockey club boasts an impressive record winning this season's North Division, seeding in the final round. The Spartans are comprised of 22 athletes from 12 different countries. They have elevated 27 players to the Pro & College levels in 4 years.

Mr. Forde credits the coaching experience for much of the hockey club's success. Miles brings a Pro and College background from the United Kingdom, while Gary offers NHL and AHL experience to the team. Players have gained an immense respect for the leadership, which has proven favorable in the standings.

Almaguin Spartans host their games at the South River Community Center on Friday evenings throughout the regular season. The local fanship is impressive with approx: 400 - 500 spectators. Up to 100 of them travel in the North Division to support the team when on the road. 

Visit the Almaguin Spartans at



                       Tillsonburg  Hurricanes

                                                        Interview with Ian Ellis




In December of 2015, Ian Ellis applied his ideas for creating the Tillsonburg Hurricanes. The hockey club was built to foster an environment of opportunity for athletes, which includes skills development, education, health, safety, secure accommodations, and leadership.

The team made it's GMHL debut in September 2016 hosting Friday night competition at the Tillsonburg Community Center where the town's Mayor Stephen Molner dropped the ceremonial puck to celebrate the welcomed addition to the community. The hockey club has been community-minded contributing gate revenue and food donations during their annual Thanksgiving event.

The opportunity to work with a multitude of athletes ranging from ages 15 to 22 has been interesting Mr. Ellis adds. Every individual athlete's needs are considered foremost important i.e proper billet matching, education, and monitoring of grades, dry land fitness, and plenty of ice time.

Stronger... Faster... Smarter... is the focus for development. Athletes are in the gym every day, on the ice 5 out of 7 days per week, which includes a combination of practice time and game time. The team analytically evaluates their performance utilizing game videos on GMHL.TV a practice of self-examination for improvement. The coaches work very closely with the team to improve systems which are reflected on the ice.

Tillsonburg closed their season with a mighty display or caliber competition against the Toronto Predators. One of the finest exciting games recorded in GMHL history... tied at 3 - 3 after 3 periods and overtime play, the game ended in a close shoot-out. Athletes, fans, and owners were on edge with a mutual respect for each other's finest performance and sportsmanship. 

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2017-18  Awards Announced





                         Who will be victorious in 2017-18


The playoff season is quickly approaching with 5 elimination games commencing Feb, 19th to determine the postseason field. Visit the playoff page from the menu bar to view the full schedule. Game dates will be populated shortly following ice bookings from hosting teams.



                                         This season promises exciting hockey with several teams in a race for the cup. Both North & South                                                       divisions will offer spectators ongoing high caliber action as many hockey clubs continue to                                                                   compete for top spot in their respected division.


                                                                                      2017-18     ?

                                                                                      2016-17     Niagara Whalers

                                                                                      2015-16     Tottenham Steam

                                                                                      2014-15     Temiscaming Titans

                                                                                      2013-14     Bradford Bulls

                                                                                      2012-13     Bradford Rattlers

                                                                                      2011-12     Sturgeon Falls Lumberjacks

                                                                                      2010-11     Elliot Lake Bobcats

                                                                                      2009-10     Deseronto Storm

                                                                                      2008-09     South Muskoka Sheild

                                                                                      2007-08     Bradford Rattlers

                                                                                      2006-07     Bradford rattlers



                      Toronto  Predators

                      Interview with President Robert Turnbull

The Toronto Predators hockey club have been active in the GMHL for four seasons. Once a resident at the Mattamy arena (formerly Maple Leaf Gardens) they relocated to the Canlan 6 Plex arena at York University, which is home on their Olimpic size ice pad.

Home games are hosted on Friday nights, Saturdays nights, and an occasional Sunday afternoon. The Predators publish Livestream action on their Youtube channel, which is linked to GMHL.TV - Live game feeds is a click away ! The Predators video production staff do a wonderful job in creation and delivery of entertainment.

Their roaster is primarily populated with younger players. This is the focus of President Robert Turnbull who says "development of individuals through education is a fundamental attribute of team building". As President and Coach, Mr. Turnbull maintains the day to day business, operations, and relationships with parents. 

The Predators place in the bottom 3rd of the current standings. However, the moral has not be hindered. The team has a terrific group of players who blend as a team. Mr. Turnbull says "as much as everybody wants to win, we also recognize the fact we are about development". The Predators program allows all athletes respected ice time. In the long run, this application of equality benefits the team and accelerates athlete for development.

Summer camps / recruiting will include a combine at Canlan; full weekend limited to 80 players, an invitational prospects camp, and a mid-weekly evaluation consisting of 90 minutes of ice time. Robert has set a target to complete the 2018-19 roaster before August 2018.

Robert is very happy with all his staff and volunteers...  they all contribute to the success of the club. Visit the Predators online at



           North York Renegades

                               Interview with President Joey Gagne



Joey Gagne, President of the North York Renegades hockey club, acquired ownership of the team during the summer of 2015. His focus to reintroduce the team for the 2015-16 season was built on leadership for player development.

The roaster is mostly populated with local talent. Gagne says "players can benefit from quality coaching". Leadership stems from coach Ryan Ramsey who's focus is key to the success of player development resulting in the clubs current placement as 4th in their respected division, and tied for 5th place overall in the league. This is truly a success story lifting the team from the bottom of the standings in only two seasons... Wow!

The team is confident as they approach the playoffs. Mr. Gagne with his coaching staff, have strengthened their defense this year and have developed forward lines to compete for the Russell Cup.

Commitment to the athletes is important to this organization. Player retention and the opportunity for advancement is at hand. Joey says " players who want to learn and who are willing to dedicate themselves can find an opportunity with the Renegades".

The North York Renegades host their home games Saturday afternoons at the Canlan 6 plex arena located at York University in Toronto. Visit the Renegades online at



                  Reception  of  the  Inception


                                                           GMHL  TV


The inception of GMHL TV launched production on November 1st 2017. In just two and a half months of operations, the reception from within the sports and entertainment industry has been incredible.

Subscriptions, which include scouts, coaches, parents, team staff, players within the GMHL, and athletes around the global hockey community, all look to this new initiative with interest.

Member hockey clubs showcase their talent day to day offering archived videos. Early indications suggest GMHL TV will benefit players seeking to excel their hockey journey with the assistance of online exposure. Outside players interested in participating at the junior level may consider the benefits the GMHL and affiliated member hockey clubs offer. Collegiate scouts may evaluate player skill & ability from the comfort of their office or home.

GMHL TV proves to be an excellent vehicle to showcase on-ice product for the viewing audience.

Unexpected Website traffic has been overwhelming. Thanks to you, visitation statistics grow daily. We hope you enjoy your GMHL experience !


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